Apple Replaced My iPad Air and Solved my Memory Issues

My iPad Air had memory issues from the day I bought it. I figured it was because the iPad had only 1GB of RAM, and had a lot of pixels to drive and apps to load with so little memory. However, it turns out that may have not been the case. In fact, it would seem that I owe Apple an apology for an article I wrote that implied they had not supplied the iPad Air with enough memory to function. Of course, the device definitely can use more memory, as apps frequently need to be restarted and tabs need to be reloaded in Safari. This is why the iPad Air 2 has twice the memory of the iPad Air.

I've now been using this new iPad Air for a few days, and it hasn't crashed due to memory issues. In fact, I haven't seen it crash a single time. It's pssible that something may have been wrong with the logic board or the processor on ny first iPad Air. This seems to be a frequent issue with the iPad Air, so if you're experiencing this issue, bring it into an Apple Store. They replaced mine in a few minutes. You don't have to suffer your iPad Air crashing any longer.



My iPad Air crashed today, meaning the problem is either very common among iPad Airs, or it's an issue all iPad Airs have. I wonder if it's worth a third try, or if I should just give up on it altogether. Apple, I'm officially taking my apology back. Maybe I'll try to get a working iPad out of them, an iPad Air 2.

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