The Apple Watch as a Fashion Statement

I was in a restaurant having lunch with a few friends. Someone in our group looked at my wrist, “Oh, is that a new band? I like it!” She’s a fashionable woman, exactly the kind of person you’d want to get a compliment like that from. Here I was, wearing a piece of technology on my wrist, yet it was somehow considered fashionable, unlike the calculator watches of old. The Apple Watch managed to impress a style-minded person in a way that no wearable piece of technology has ever been able to do. Is it thanks to smartphones that technology became personal and cool? Perhaps. But it’ll be the smart watch that makes technology truly fashionable, and Apple has taken note. In that sense, the Apple Watch was designed by the most forward-thinking engineers, designers, and executives who knew their watch would be more than a utilitarian smart device for your wrist, but an actual accessory as well. Apple knows that technology must not only improve your life from a functionality standpoint, but also compliment your outfit. 

I was wearing a third party red leather band that day (above) from Clockwork Synergy. It was actually a band I got for my Pebble Time 2 smartwatch, which never came. After dismantling the quick release pins and putting the band on an Apple Watch adapter, I had a nice leather band to compliment my gold Apple Watch. It’s not a perfect match, and it’s not an Apple product, but it showed that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on fashion, and the Apple Watch is far more customizable and personal than people may realize. With the right application of style, this is a fashionable piece of technology, and Apple knows it. 

Ok, I get that it’s spring, Apple, but from allergy sufferers everywhere, pollen is a terrible name.

Not too long ago, Apple did something unique for a technology manufacturer. They released a spring line. Like every fashion designer, Apple recognized that what looks good in a cold, dark, dreary, lifeless winter, does not look as good in a bright, airy, vibrant spring. That’s why Apple released new case designs and Apple Watch bands for the season. Apple recognized that not only is the Apple Watch a piece of technology, it’s a piece of your outfit. It’s an accessory you can use to improve your look. Right now I’m wearing a brighter red and sand band from GadgetWraps (highly recommended!). I’ve also got the aforementioned leather band and Apple’s sport band. I want more. Just like I want more jeans with tears in them, tops with unique accents, new Converse sneakers (you can never have too many pairs of Chucks), or a new leather jacket, I also find the need for more watch bands, more ways to customize my style. Apple’s seizing an important opportunity to sell these bands to customers, but Apple seems to be the only brand that’s actively making their smartwatch a fashionable accessory. 

I’ll admit, I’m not the most fashionable person in the world. I’m wearing a comfortable but loose pair of Old Navy jeans right now paired with a long sleeved tee that I probably wear too often (because someone once told me it looked cute on me). It’s an outfit that screams “this girl didn’t think twice about what she wore this morning.” And many mornings, this one included, that’s true. But when I’m going out with friends or going on a date, I pay attention to every thing I wear. It’s all got to be perfect. My Apple Watch is a part of that routine now, and if Apple continues to make great looking products and pairs it with seasonal and fashionable straps, that’s going to be true for a lot of people. Apple made technology fashionable, and that might be the most unexpected outcome of the Apple Watch. 

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