Verizon Posts Video Full of Lies to Ease People’s Minds Over the Death of Net Neutrality 

Call it a sign of the times, when those in power don’t to worry about people fact checking. They use their platform to say whatever they want, and assume people will believe it. Verizon, one of the biggest opponents to net neutrality, has posted a video claiming to not be working against net neutrality. In fact, we’re supposed to believe that the company that sued the government over net neutrality laws, won, and lead to companies instantly taking advantage of the lack of net neutrality isn’t against internet freedom. The entire reason the internet had to be declared a Title II protected service was because of Verizon’s lawsuit. To claim now that they’re not against net neutrality is preposterous on its own, but this video is something else entirely. It completely misrepresents public property as their own private property, ignores their monopolies, and completely misrepresents the issue and the conflicts of interest of those involved.

Verizon is trying to have their cake and eat it too. They’re trying to fight net neutrality while simultaneously retaining a public image that won’t disgust people. They may be underestimating our intelligence by just a little bit. 

The video is attached below. You can find a full breakdown of every misleading comment or outright lie over at The Verge. If you care about internet freedom, you likely won’t be able to make it through the video without feeling uncontrollable rage, so you’ll want to check out The Verge’s breakdown

Brace yourself, the sheer amount of misdirection and lying in this video may boil your blood.

Ouch. Ok, now check out The Verge’s breakdown, and don’t worry, people know Verizon has their own agenda, and they know it’s nothing good for the American people. Unfortunately, the Republicans in control of all three branches of our government as well as the head of the FCC don’t care about internet freedom or privacy. But you can change all of that in 2018 too. 

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