Supposed iPhone 8 Dummy Unit Shown off in Video

Rumors about the iPhone 8, expected this fall, have stated the same things for months. It’ll have a nearly bezel-less design, a stainless steel frame and glass back, the camera orientation will change to allow for better augmented reality in landscape orientation, and it’ll be about the same size as the iPhone 7. Of course, it’s also expected to have a faster processor and maybe even improved battery life. Maybe. Leaked schematics, supposedly either from inside one of Apple’s factories or through a case maker, have lead to physical dummy units used by case manufacturers to ensure their cases fit properly. One of those dummy units was given to a blogger from a case manufacturer, and he created an extensive video showing off the dummy unit, comparing it to the iPhone 7, and showing it with a few cases. 

This might not actually be an iPhone 8, but it looks great! Check out the video below. 

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