An Accessory Manufacturer Has Confirmed Wireless Charging in the iPhone 8

Credit: Evan Blass, @evleaks

Leaks from third party accessory manufacturers aren’t new. The above photo is from a previous leak from noted leaker Evan Blass, who tweeted out the encased iPhone 8. Clearly he got ahold of some marketing materials, likely from someone who worked at the case manufacturer, and now we have it. Anonymous sources from people claiming to work at accessory manufacturers come in all the time, but those can’t always be trusted. Sure, someone has a good reason to wish to remain anonymous, they don’t want to lose their jobs, but an anonymous source can’t be confirmed as easily. Even with them telling us the same thing, there’s a chance they’re just repeating rumors. However, The Next Web spoke to two confirmed sources. One wished to remain anonymous, which TNW respected, but the other was willing to go on record. Allen Fung, GM at RAVPower, confirmed that the iPhone 8 would have wireless charging, and they’d have wireless charging accessories to sell for the iPhone 8 when it’s released.

RAVPower confirmed that the iPhone 8 would have wireless charging, which would require contact with a charging pad (not long-distance charging). To some, this will be a disappointment, though the rumor that the iPhone would receive long-range charging was far-fetched. It was always more likely that Apple would go with a standardized charging solution using the Qi protocol, as Apple had joined the Wireless Power Consortium to support the Qi standard, and uses this standard in the Apple Watch currently. This means people switching from a device that had wireless charging will be happy to know their charger will likely work with the iPhone 8. In Fung’s statement, he confirmed that the chargers sold by RAVPower to charge other wireless charging devices would also work with the iPhone 8.

“Our sources tell us the next iPhones have special technology for wireless charging that we have in this charger. Our wireless charger will wirelessly charge the next iPhones at full speed, as well as being able to charge other mobile devices wirelessly.” – Allen Fung, GM of RAVPower

RAVPower’s new Wireless Fast Charging Pad

RAVPower is releasing a new wireless charging pad this fall. This is the “full speed” charging device Allen Fung was talking about. It will be able to output 10W of power, “industry-leading,” according to RAVPower. This will allow devices charging via the Qi standard and this pad to charge as fast as they would over USB. To get a little technical, standard USB can push out ~5 volts of power. With a charger that can move 2 amps of current, that’s 10 watts (Watts = Volts x Amps). The standard iPad charger for the iPad Pro pushes 12 watts of charging power, and can be used to charge iPhones more quickly than the included 5W charger. In fact, even Apple’s higher wattage chargers are limited to around 12.5W for charging iOS devices. That means, at 10W, RAVPower’s charger won’t necessarily be the fastest way to charge an iOS device, but it will be faster than the included adapter from Apple, and quite close to the maximum charging speed for iPhones.

RAVPower obviously wanted to get word out about their new Wireless Fast Charging Pad. What better way to do it than by announcing that it’ll not only work with most wireless charging devices, but also with the most hotly anticipated device of the year? On top of that, there’s the promise that it’ll likely be faster than the included charger in the iPhone 8 box. RAVPower may have risked their connection to Apple for future accessories, but they’ve definitely gotten some good marketing out of the stunt.

The iPhone 8 will be revealed this fall, likely in mid to late September. It’ll feature a large screen, facial recognition, a new dual camera setup, and, as we can now confirm, wireless charging.


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