Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone X Case Review

Weeks before I got my iPhone X, I held a case for it in my hands. Spigen was quick to release a case for the iPhone X, and I ordered it expecting the best, an iPhone on launch day. I didn’t get that. In fact, I didn’t get my iPhone X for some time later. I’m still working on the review for the iPhone X, but I used it with this case for long enough to form an opinion on it. I recently switched to a different “case,” the Utomic Edge protection for the iPhone X. The Utomic “case” is nothing more than 4 corners attached to the edges of the iPhone to protect it in the most minimal way possible. However, it means I can’t swap cases without pulling the adhesive pads off, breaking the Utomic case. Therefore, there’s no better time than right now to write my review for the Spigen Liquid Crystal case, as I can’t use it again for some time. Knowing I was planning on getting the Utomic edge protection, why’d I get the Spigen Liquid Crystal case? Because Spigen was on top of their game and had a case ready at launch day, while Utomic didn’t have anything available until even after I got my iPhone X weeks later, I knew I’d need something to cover the gap, and went with a trusted case maker.

So, how did I like the Spigen case while I had it? Well, that’s what you came here for to find out!

I was expecting the case to be a lot like my case for the iPhone 6s. It does, after all, carry the same branding. However, it’s not. Spigen beefed up this case a little, for the purpose of protecting the all glass iPhone X, I suspect. The case has more padding on the sides, and air pockets on the corners, for additional drop protection. The case also wraps around the screen without blocking it, and protects the camera as well. It makes the iPhone X feel a bit like the iPhone 8 Plus though, a little too large to hold. However, if you’re worried about breaking your $1,000+ phone, you’re going to want that additional protection unless you, like me, prefer to live life on the wild side.

Though the case does make your phone a bit larger, and therefore more difficult to hold, it does add some grip. The design of the iPhone X is far less slippery than the iPhone 6/6s/7. This is because the back glass of the phone is heavier than the aluminum on previous models, balancing the weight better in your hand, and the glass itself on the back is easier to grip than the slick aluminum of the iPhone 6 design. However, the sides are still rounded, and the polished steel and glass can be slippery in cold, dry hands, as many of your hands likely are in the winter. The tough Spigen case is also rubbery on the outside, but not so much that it gets stuck in pockets or bags. Instead, it’s just enough added grip to ensure that your device is easier to hold. I found that the case did improve my grip and feeling of security with the iPhone X, which feels dangerous to hold without a case. Despite the thickness, the case itself does not make pushing the buttons any more difficult. Spigen has always done a good job with their pass through buttons, and their latest cases are no different. That’s been a big motivator for me continuing to buy cases from them, since the iPhone 5.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone X case looks great, but it’ll add a bit more bulk to your iPhone X, which is already a little heavier, thicker, wider, and taller than the iPhone 8. It also has some strange branding on it, like arrows pointing to the air cushions. I had to take that into consideration when rating the looks of this case. A previous version of the Spigen Crystal case did become discolored over time, but Spigen says it can be cleaned with alcohol to make it look like new. So, if making your phone significantly thicker and larger is not something you want, you may want to look into a thinner case. However, repairing the screen and back glass of the iPhone X is far more expensive than any iPhone before, so if you want more security for your expensive iPhone, the Spigen case offers ample protection with good looks. It wasn’t perfect for me, as I prefer a thinner, less obtrusive case, but for anyone worried about damaging their iPhone X, especially if you’d rather not get an ugly Otterbox or Lifeproof case, then Spigen’s beautiful and inexpensive alternative will be perfect for you. I currently have another case on my iPhone X, one that I’ll be reviewing in a week or two, the Utomic Edge protection for the iPhone X. It’s a kind of non-case case, which is my favorite style, but is likely too minimal for many people. I’m glad I’ve got this Spigen case to fall back on though, if I require more protection again.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is $19.99 on Spigen’s website. However, you can also get it on Amazon for $11.99.

Rating: 4/5

A bit basic, but pretty designs and good protection save it.

  • Protection: 5 / 5
  • Looks: 3 / 5
  • Weight: 2.5 / 5
  • Ease of Use: 4 / 5
  • Grip: 4 / 5
  • Features: 3 / 5
  • Value: 5 / 5

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