Life is Strange is on iOS

Perhaps you noticed in my review for the iPhone X, but Life is Strange is out on iOS! Now, I’ve established this before, but I’ll say it again: Life is Strange is likely the best, most impactful game you’ll play. I recommend it to everyone, even people who don’t play video games. Now, it’s easier than ever to play, because you can take it with you! Play it on the train on your commute, or in the back of the car on a road trip. Take it to the doctor’s office and play instead of reading old magazines and refreshing your Twitter feed.

Episode 1 is just $2.99, which introduces the concept of time travel in the game, as well as sets up the characters and the central plot: finding a missing girl. You’ll guide the time traveling Max, her partner in crime (and time) Chloe, on a search for Rachel, Chloe’s “friend.” During the journey you’ll confront tough questions about love, family, drugs, bullying, depression, life, and even death.

Still from Life is Strange

The iPhone X just melts away in games that take advantage of the full screen.

After episode 1 gets you hooked, get episodes 2-5 for $8.99, or just download episode 2 for 99ยข. Episode 2 is where you really start to stretch your legs with time travel, as well as realize there are dire consequences for your actions.

Seriously, if you’re reading this right now on a newer iOS device, go download it and play! I’ve heard some older devices do have a few glitches, however I haven’t experienced anything worrisome (besides the plot itself) on my iPhone X.

Plus, the iPhone version comes with iMessage stickers! They’re technically not emoji, so I think it’ll be cool with Chloe.

I just finished playing the prequel, Life is Strange Before the Storm, which was a fantastic prequel worthy of the original. Now I’m ready to go back to the original… and then replay Before the Storm again. Really, it’s just an endless cycle at this point. You’ll either love or hate me (or both) for getting you into this game, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take!

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