Preorder Apps on the App Store

Apple secretly released an update to the App Store that you’re going to love.

Apps available for preorder on the App Store.

Photo via GameSsec.

When I first saw a link to download Life is Strange on the iOS App Store, I was a bit confused. It said “preorder,” instead of download or buy. I had to double check that I was, in fact, in the App Store. You can hardly blame me, I had never seen a preorder app before, and Life is Strange for iOS? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

Well, it wasn’t a dream, folks, you can now preorder apps in the iOS App Store. Also, Life is Strange is available to hit your emotions hard on the go. (I’ll be the girl sobbing on the train when I get to those parts of the game.) Once the app becomes available, you’ll get a notification to download it. I got to wake up with my game already loaded on my phone, which, for games you’re excited for, is definitely a cool feature. Unfortunately, I still had to go about my day, instead of sitting under the covers playing a video game all day.

Happy Devs

It’s not just great for users though, developers are excited about this as well. App developers can use this to help drum up interest in a game before release, ensuring an exciting release day when everyone gets their game or app at the same time. That, inevitably, leads to an influx of posts related to the game on social media, which prompts others to download it. Preordering has become so popular because it’s a fantastic marketing tool. App—and especially game—developers must be overjoyed to be able to offer their iOS apps this way. So, if you see an app has a preorder button, don’t fret! You’re in the right place, and the preorder process works very smoothly. I had Life is Strange on release day (and I’ve been playing it since). Now waiting for games to be released is far easier.

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