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Greenpeace Gave Apple a B-

Greenpeace takes companies to task over their lack of commitment to the environment. They’ve rated a number of popular electronics manufacturers in three main categories, energy, resources, and chemicals. Energy is easy to understand: a good rating means renewable energy sources used with low or no emissions in the production and sale of a product. Resources is what’s needed to make the product and sustain it over its lifetime. This includes the rare earth metals in smartphones, whether or not the materials used are recyclable, and how long the devices can last without needing replacement. Finally, there’s chemicals. This is the use of hazardous materials in the manufacture of our devices. There’s a reason you can’t just throw an old phone out. Besides the fact that it can mostly be recycled, there’s also toxic materials within these devices that can be released if damaged or burned, as people who work in recycling plants may have to do. Performing well in all three categories makes the planet safer and lowers the human cost of creating the electronics we take for granted every day. Apple didn’t score the best, they received a ‘B-,’ with Fairphone, a company that prides itself on designing phones to be as ecologically green as can be, taking the top spot. What could Apple be doing better? 
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Greenpeace Declares Apple the Greenest Tech Company

For the third year in a row, environmental activist group Greenpeace has declared Apple the “Greenest Tech Company” in their “Clicking Clean” report. This means Apple’s dedication to protecting environment hasn’t gone unnoticed by one of the largest environmental organization in the world. Greenpeace is dedicated to pushing governments towards environmental protection laws and companies towards choosing not to pollute to produce their products. Apple has gone so far as to push back against angry investors who thought the company was dedicating too much effort towards green energy solutions. Now they’re being recognized for that dedication. There’s no question that Apple has been far more dedicated than their competitors to powering their operations with clean energy, but do their products live up to the same standard?
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