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Felix Gray vs Gunnar: Computer Glasses Review and Comparison

The other day I was sitting at my desk, pouring over some code. I had on my Gunnar glasses with amber lenses. I always use computer glasses at work, to protect my vision, keep my sleep schedule in check, and prevent eye strain (all about how that works below). The frames aren’t too bad looking, but the lenses are an obviously yellow color, and it definitely stands out in a bad way. A friend walked by and said “Hey, Danielle, heading to shop class?” It took me a moment before I remembered the yellow tinted goggles of shop class and laughed. These yellow computer glasses do look a little silly, and have a reputation for only being worn by huge nerds. Facebook advertisements for Felix Gray computer eyewear caught my eye. These are glasses that promise all the benefits of other computer glasses such as Gunnars, but without looking silly. They have no obvious yellow tint to them, but you can tell they filter out blue light. To look at them, they look just like normal glasses. You can even get a pair without magnification of any kind, unlike some other brands, which means you can wear them all the time. I wanted glasses that could protect my vision, keep me from getting headaches, and look stylish enough to look like any other pair of glasses so I could wear them anytime I was looking at a screen. Felix Gray seemed to have the perfect solution for me, so I bought a pair. 

I’ve since spent every day over the past week using them whenever I’ve been looking at a screen, which is quite some time. As a computer programmer by day, news junkie by night, NYC subway commuter, and as someone capable of binging an entire show in a few days, I spend a lot of time staring at screens. This is my third pair of computer glasses, the first two being two generations of the fantastic Gunnar lenses, and, if I’m being honest, these might be my favorite pair yet. 
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Gunnar Computer Glasses Review

gunnarsI realized I hadn’t reviewed my Gunnar glasses, and yet I’ve had them for years now. A while back (but not that long ago), I graduated from college. I started working in a brightly lit office with a large bright screen. Contrary to everything I learned from my mother, I sat close to those screens and stared at them. You probably do it too. It’s part of my job and hobbies, I can’t get away from it. I started to notice my eyes felt tired after work, but I couldn’t sleep. I had eye fatigue. The screens in my life, inches from my face, were damaging my eyesight. Then I read about computer glasses. They cut down on glare, improve your eyes’ ability to focus on a screen, provide some slight magnification, and keep moisture on your eyes. There was one brand that really stood out, Gunnar. I bought a pair. It’s tough to do a review of these, as I’ve been using them for years… which I guess is a strong testimonial in itself.

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