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Apple Needs to Work on iOS 11 Split Screen 

Let’s just get this out of the way, I love how Apple’s handling multitasking on the iPad in iOS 11. I like how you can easily share items between apps, I like the new multitasking view, I like that you can have floating windows, respoisition items, do split screen in Safari, and generally use the iPad more like a Mac. However, there’s still one big issue with split screen multitasking, and that’s how Apple handles bringing apps in from the home screen. It’s still a little awkward to use apps that aren’t in your dock, as you can see in the video below. While trying to make that tutorial, I actually screwed up twice before finally getting the app I wanted sitting next to Safari. There’s got to be a more efficient way to do this, Apple, right?
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iOS 11 Cures the Greatest iPad Problem!

No, I’m not talking about how changing the volume takes up the entire screen on an iPhone for absolutely no reason. No, I’m not talking about lingering notifications that aren’t easy to dismiss blocking interface elements. Apple still hasn’t fixed those after 11 versions of iOS. You’d think someone at Apple would be half decent with an interface design. I honestly now think they’re keeping the volume display as obtrusive as possible to see how long Apple users will continue to put up with it before being driven mad. No, I’m talking about the biggest problem the iPad faced in iOS 10. Remember?

Yeah. No flashlight. Well guess what?

The flashlight is here to stay. Now, when you’re lost in the woods with no phone, no lighter, no flint and steel, no camera with flash, and no glow sticks, you can use the flash on your iPad to find your way home. 

Thanks, Apple! 

What’s on your iOS 11 Wish List?

WWDC starts on Monday, and Apple will reveal new versions of macOS and iOS. iOS is expected to undergo its first major user interface (UI) overhaul since iOS 7, released four years ago. Beyond that, leaks have been incredibly hard to come by, we just don’t know what’s coming up next. What could Apple be working on? The UI changes alone could be substantial, but perhaps Apple’s doing more, like upgrades to Siri, a dark mode, better third party integrations, or all of the above. What do you want to see next in iOS? To help you out, I’ve outlined a few ideas from my wish list below. 
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10.5 inch iPad Pro Could Be Revealed Early Next Month

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is Apple’s chance to reveal their new operating systems and software that developers can use to make new apps and services. Huge changes come to iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, as well as the tools we use to make apps for these platforms, like Xcode. Apple has also occasionally used this as an event to introduce new products. These are rarely hardware focused events, but if Apple’s introducing new hardware that developers will have to change their apps for (or create completely new apps), then it’s a good time for a reveal. Apple has revealed new iPhone models, Macs, Intel integration, and more at these events. While WWDC keynotes are typically focused on new software for developers to leverage, they do occasionally introduce new products or product categories. That’s where this latest rumor comes from. Apple didn’t completely overhaul their iPad lineup in the spring as they usually do. Instead, they introduced a new low cost 9.7″ iPad and stopped selling older models. The current 9.7″ iPad Pro (review) was released in March of 2016. The 12.9″ iPad Pro was released in November of 2015. The iPad mini was released in September of 2015. These are devices that have gone more than a year, almost two for the iPad mini, without even a modest spec bump. Apple’s products are due for an update, and if Apple’s revealing a new leap forward for the iPad Pro, WWDC, starting on June 5th, may be the perfect time to do it. 
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(Product)Red iPhone, New iPads, Apple Watch Bands, and iPhone Cases Released by Apple

Without fanfare, an event, or a large announcement of any sort, Apple released a number of new products. This included A new (Product)Red iPhone, a beautiful red finish for the iPhone 7, a new low cost iPad to replace the iPad Air 2, and an update to the storage capacity of the iPhone SE. Along with the new hardware, Apple also introduced a spring collection of Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases. The updates bring new options to Apple’s lineups, whether it’s new colors, new prices, or new storage space. However, these certainly aren’t as exciting as Apple’s usual product announcements, which is likely why they did so quietly, without a large event.
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Apple’s New iPads Expected in April

We had expected new iPads early this spring, however, no exact dates had been set. Some stated we’d have a late March announcement, while others simply neglected to mention a time frame. We still do not have a precise leak, nor a precise date, but we can still–with a reasonable amount of accuracy–estimate when the new iPads will be revealed. How can we do this? Thanks to historical information as well as Apple’s currently secret devices showing up in device logs reported by developers, we can tell that Apple is not only in the final stage of testing these devices, they’re preparing for a release. 
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This Retro Shooter for iOS Was Built on an iPad

Starsceptre is a retro top-down shooter for the iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, it’s a game that was made for iOS devices, by iOS devices. The developers at 8bitMagicGames wrote the game using iPads and a programming tool called Codea, which uses the Lua programming language. Below, you can check out the trailer of the game in action, which is coming soon to the App Store. The game looks to feature the frantic pacing and controls the genre is famous for, with players tapping on the screen to shoot and tilting their devices to move, allowing them to shoot enemies and dodge obstacles and enemy fire. These kind of ferociously fast-passed shooters in space have always been popular with gamers, and have a long history. The first video game was Spacewar, which was also a top-down shooter. Making a game like this with a retro style isn’t just poetic, it’s a tried and true game genre, tons of fun and easy to learn. 
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